Local Business is Blooming for Sarah a Great Entrepreneur

Business is blooming for female entrepreneurs

Sisters are doing it for themselves in Australia, with record numbers of women running their own small businesses.

New figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show 12.1 per cent of the nation’s 5.9 million employed woman are now their own boss.

Sarah Begnell in her business The Village Florist in Hunters Hill. Picture: AAP Image/Monique Harmer

More than a third of all small businesses are headed by women, and there’s a blooming world of networking, blogs and entrepreneurial women taking ­advantage of the trend.

“It highlights why we’re seeing such an entrepreneurial flurry in Australia, one of the reasons is you are getting the next generation coming of age,” social demographer Mark McCrindle said.

“If you look at women in particular they are more formally educated and moving into their family forming years in their 30s, and they have invested more to prepare themselves, with more education, so they want to make sure they can continue a burgeoning career.

“The Australian spirit of independence, a DIY attitude and the courage to give things a go are strongly ­demonstrated in these latest business statistics, with 88.4 per cent of all Australian businesses employing four people or less.”

The ABS data shows 34.8 per cent of business owner-managers are female, with 46,600 joining their ranks in the past year or so.

In two decades there has been a 46 per cent increase.

Small Business Commissioner Kate Carnell said women business operators were significantly less likely to go broke than men.

“Women business proprietors have a really high level of life satisfaction,” she said.

“Many of them are parents, and they are making a life choice to become entrepreneurs. They can balance their life. There are lots of ­incredibly successful micro business out there that might not employ anyone, or under five people, making their work fit with life.”

Ms Begnell says running her own business is difficult but rewarding. Picture: AAP Image/Monique Harmer

Hunters Hill Village Florist’s Sarah Begnell, who has successfully operated her business for the past five years, said it was sometimes difficult but she loves her job.

“I respect all small business owners but as a woman it’s hard, balancing and juggling home life as well as­ ­focusing on building and growing your business,” she said.

“It’s a rare quality and not everyone can do it.”