Nelson Parade – Decontamination

Dear Hunters Hill residents & Nelson Parade supporters,

The Nelson Parade Action Group urges you to attend this week’s Property NSW community meeting about the government’s plan to encapsulate hazardous level radioactive material permanently in Nelson Parade.

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The government proposes to concentrate the radioactive material to hazardous level then permanently bury it onsite, exposing workers & residents of surrounding streets to unacceptable increased health risks for generations to come.

Encapsulation of the radioactive material onsite is opposed by the Hunters Hill Council, & the majority of residents and community.

It is against the 2008 Parliamentary Inquiry recommendations, accepted practice, and widespread expert opinion.

We must pressure the government to send it to an appropriate licensed facility, with temporary offsite storage until the federal repository is built if that is their preferred disposal option.

The attached TWT article details this important community issue.