Who We Are

The 2019 Committee

Discover Hunters Hill is a not-for-profit association of community and business groups in Sydney, Australia including: Hunters HillGladesvilleBoronia ParkHenleyHuntley’s Cove,Huntley’s Point  and Woolwich.
Chair: Adele Westlake
Deputy Chair: Vacant
Treasurer: Max MacFarlane
Secretary: Matthew Ward
Ross Williams
Dean Letcher (Public Officer)
Toby Wiche
Gael Czinner
Alison Voulgaris
Phil Jenkyn
Coordinator – Tammy  Tinkler

Past committee members include:
John Birch, Chris Schofield, Maureen Smith, Charles Amos, Brian Langford , Judy Smith, Yvonne Dornan,
Joe Begnel, Arthur Johnson, David Brown, David Carver, Deb Anschau (Former Coordinator), Elizabeth Krassoi,
Garnet Meekings, Mario Adamo, Marian Ibrahim, Gil Wahlquist, Toni Alexander, Kirk Henry, Georgie Rumore,
Shelley Dempsey,  Betty Samadi, Charles Amos, Marie O’Gorman, David Gaunt, John Verhelst, Fred Hemming.
Current committee members profile:
Alison Voulgaris

DHH  Committee Volunteer / Former Coordinator

This sunny, easy-going mother of four loves her role with Discover Hunters Hill. Breezing in and out of events, companies and not-for-profits alike, she makes it her mission to connect with every local business and community organisation she can.

Ross Williams

Former DHH Chairman | DHH Committee Volunteer | ‘Awesome Foursome’ Founding Member

The former Mayor of Hunters Hill (and DHH former Chairman) is a leader with a conscience. Often spotted picking up rubbish, our current Deputy Mayor of Hunters Hill thrives on supporting community organisations – and is a pretty top bloke too.

Phil Jenkyn

DHH Committee Volunteer | ‘Awesome Foursome’ Founding Member

Self-described ‘street scrapper’ Phil has a winning way with words. His position with the Hunters Hill Historical Society ensures DHH honours the significant heritage of its beautiful Municipality.

Toby Wiche

DHH Committee Volunteer

This DHH committee member allows our mob to meet at his pub – a very generous fellow indeed!  A big supporter of all things local, Toby is dedicated to bringing people together.

Matt Ward

DHH Committee Volunteer / Secretary

‘Mr Everything’ at Ward Partners, Matt has a great ‘yes’ attitude. In addition to supporting DHH’s initiatives, he’s very handy on the tennis court, in the surf, on the sand, at the track, and behind the wheel. Action MAN!

Dean Letcher

DHH Committee Volunteer / Public Officer

Former lawyer and current history buff Dean does a fine job of keeping DHH on the straight and narrow. In addition to serving on the committee, he also leads the general public on our DHH art history walking tours.

Gael Czinner

DHH Committee Volunteer

Unstoppable community powerhouse.  Everyone needs a multitasker on their team. We are so lucky to have Gael on our team.

Adele Westlake

DHH Committee Volunteer  /Chairperson

Owner and superstylist at Cosmo Style, Adele is full of great ideas with the passion to execute them.  Coordinator and leader. Thanks for sharing your time and style with us, Adele!